Hydro-Sandblast Jet-assisted Mechanical Slot Perforation

Sandblast jet-assisted mechanical slot perforation is a Technology of a secondary expose of the  formation in consisting in the following:

  • A perforator runs into well-bore on a tubing fixed to the preset formation by a geophysical method makes long longitudinal slots in the production casing by means of special hydraulic bottom-hole motor and cutter and then flushes out cavities by an impact of a powerful jet of a completion fluid (sandy mixture)  that directed through the slot against set cement and the reservoir formation.


Perforation Schemes

Advantages of the jet-assisted mechanical slot perforation

  • Allows to cut a slot along the casing in a precisely set interval;
  • Length of the slot cut during one run varies from some centimeters to 20-30 meters;
  • Higher hydrodynamic quality of formation perforation;
  • Provides more complete operation of all potential capabilities of the producing formation;
  • Depth of penetration and oil inflow area into formation is larger - up to 700 mm;
  • Absence of an impact against the production casing and set cement outside of the perforated interval (quality of set cement behind the casing is saved);
  • Set cement above and below perforated interval does not crack;
  • Exact locking-on and selective perforating of the oil bearing layers without damaging seals between them;
  • Possibility to expose the formation with crude oil or any other non-damaging fluid;
  • Bottom hole may be treated at the same time;
  • Excess volume of oil may be produced on account of a better perforation;
  • Cost of perforation is not higher than that of a standard cumulative perforation;

Comparison Table