Since 1998 the we have performed over 1200 side-tracking jobs including over 800 jobs by means of application of the telemetric systems

  • Side-tracking is one of the most effective Technologies enabling to reduce natural oil production fall at old oilfields, to increase oil recovery ratio, and to restore and bring back to operation the previously shutdown and abandoned wells that have been disabled on account of a number of geological and Technical reasons. The Technology also affords the bringing into production of previously disabled reservoir areas as well as oil reserves whose recovery was not supposed to be possible.
  • Our Company was among the first companies in Russia to start Side-tracking operations(from casing in directional and horizontally completed wells, casing and completion) in 1998 and after more than ten years of experience is known as a distinguished leader in this Technology. Our company is currently carrying out the operations in Central areas of Russia and Western Siberia.
  • We use the most up-to-date Technologies and equipment for sidetrack wells kickoff and drilling jobs, including modern drilling rigs equipped with top drives, bits and hydraulic down-hole motors, telemetric systems and geo-navigation methods.


Side-tracking with down-hole telemetry systems

  • An increase in directional drilling with inclination from vertical of over 50º has imposed restrictions on the use of conventional survey methods and wire run equipment, necessitating special measures to be sought and applied to deliver down-hole instruments to the test interval.
  • The solution to this problem includes wireless metering systems, run down-hole with drilling tools.
  • There are MWD telemetric systems used to drill wells with the diameter size ranging between 124-171.5 mm and a fluid link. A fluid data communication channel offers the following advantages:
  • Fluid channel is a link through natural medium as it uses a fluid column in the drilling string as a communication means and as such does not require additional costs related to establishment of a communication link;
  • Hydraulic channel ensures an extensive range of operation.


Types of Side-tracks

Our Company is carrying out subterranean jobs concerned with the drilling of side-tracks of several types:

  1. non-oriented «blind» Side-tracking
  2. Side-tracking of slightly sloping bore holes
  3. Side-tracking with horizontal sections of bore hole
  4. multilateral Side-tracking

Number of Side-tracking Jobs by Years













207 wells

198 wells

194 wells

169 wells

119 wells

88 wells

74 wells

58 wells

44 wells

32 wells

14 wells

3 wells

Total number of sidetracked wells  drilled by the Company in the period 1998 - 2008  is  993 wells